Program Description

The debt validation program is designed to assist you in preparing documents which enable you the consumer to challenge the ability of a collection agency or third party debt collector to collect an alleged debt from you. Should the debt collector not be able to provide the appropriate documentation then they no longer have the authority to try and collect the debt from you. The program also includes education about healthy financial habits as well as provides the ability to learn and understand how to identify potential violations of your consumer rights. This aspect of the program may end up with complete debt waiver tradeline deletion and sometimes even money to you. It also combines a credit restoration component which will assist in preparing documents on your behalf to have inaccurate or information reported in error removed from your credit profile.

Citadel Document solutions works with independent third party law firms who provide consumer rights protection as well a settlement negotiation services. Should you request or require to work with them you will engage them under a separate agreement.

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What We Don't Do

Citadel document solutions does not settle, negotiate or reduce your debt. Citadel document solutions does not provide any type of consumer loans. Citadel provides a money back guarantee to its customers. This applies to any account enrolled in the program. If fully validated by a third party debt collector.